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Corporate funds

Corporate funds

As each year, this 6th edition is marked by something new: the corporate funds. In order to inspire companies to become more ethical and to support non-profit organizations in the Liège region, Ardent Group offers the opportunity to act as a facilitator for companies wishing to strengthen their social responsibility through donations to associations.

How do the corporate funds work?

With the corporate funds, all companies have the chance to make financial donations to non-profit organizations that have proposed a project as part of the Ardent Awards. All of these donations will be added to the annual Ardent Awards grant, which will be redistributed equitably to the 25 nominated and winning organizations to enable them to go even further in their social projects.For more information

From May 2022 until February 2023, your company can make a donation of at least €1,500 to the Ardent Awards funds. Your donations will be taken care of from A to Z by the United Fund for Belgium United Fund for Belgium foundation, who will be responsible for redistributing the funds to the nominated and winning organizations. All the donors will benefit from a tax reduction of 45%.

For more information, please read the corporate charter.

4 good reasons to contribute to the Ardent funds

  • You will support concrete and sustainable local actions.
  • You will inspire your network and employees to follow you in this human and social action.
  • You will be at the heart of the project and will spend a day full of discovery with the organizations.
  • As a donor, you will be celebrated during the prize giving ceremony.

Do you want to take part in the adventure?

More than ever, societal responsibility is at the heart of corporate strategy. Moreover, it is a great lever for innovation, differentiation and adaptation of companies to today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Do you want to contribute to supporting the non-profit organizations in the region? Download the commitment agreement and contact Cristel Stauffer, Ardent Awards manager:

Tel.: 0496/29.44.18
Email address: