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Each year, the Ardent Awards are supported by exceptional organizations and municipalities. Each one has a very specific mission, but all are driven by the same ambition: the desire to give to others. Their various projects, by their originality or suitability, stood out for the public and the jury.

Congratulations to all the winning organizations and municipalities and thank you for making each of the editions of the Ardent Awards a shining success!

  • Digital

    City of Hannut

    Project : Ride and Buy

    As part of a global solution, the development of an application promoting soft mobility through the planning of safe journeys for weak users and rewards to be used in local shops.

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  • Regie Des Quartiers Havre Sac Asbl

    Régie des Quartiers Havre-SAC ASBL

    Project : Kili’s Kids: a drop-in for children aged 0-6

    Creation of a drop-in center for children whose parents carry out social and professional integration procedures: medical, administrative, job search and/or training procedures. The action targets, among others, jobseekers and CPAS beneficiaries as well as newcomers who must carry out numerous actions as part of the integration process. The flexibility of the service will also allow the ad-hoc care of children for parents (for example in the case of single-parent families) who have to face various unforeseen events, run errands or simply take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

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  • Disability


    Project : Guide Box – Starter kit for the future guide dog

    During the lockdown, the association Entrevues was unable to continue the education of its future guide dogs placed in foster care. A series of videos, entitled “Les Tutos des Toutous”, has been created to guide families in the education of their puppy. These beginner tutorials have met with great success from the volunteers. It was then clear we needed a professional shoot.

    The idea for the Guide Box had just been born. A practical and educational tool that groups the material necessary for the arrival of the puppy (leash, collar, scarf, etc.) by adding a brand-new tracking notebook referring, through links and QR codes, to tutorial videos.

    The Puppy Notebook will be embellished with drawings by the Liège illustrator Olivier Pirnay (press cartoonist of the Sudpresse newspapers), published by the Liège printing company SNEL. The “Tutos des Toutous” will also be produced by a Liège production company. A desire to highlight various regional talents around a social and unifying project.

    100 copies of the boxes will be created in order to be able to give them to families for several years and thus optimize the follow-up and education of future service dogs.


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  • Well-being


    Project : Wheelchair handball: riding towards quality!

    The Beyne-Heusay handball club and Cap2sports have created the 1st wheelchair handball team in Belgium. The new chairs will allow the media team * to be really competitive.

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  • Integration

    Le Pont

    Project : Local bakery – new training

    The project has a twofold goal: to meet the demand for a local bakery in the villages on the one hand, and to expand the “sales” training offered by our organization on the other. Therefore, this project sets up the sale of organic bakery products in short circuit in the villages, and the training of unemployed young people in this type of activity.

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  • Enfance

    La Lumière

    Project : School integration of visually impaired children

    This project allows children with visual disabilities to access the school curriculum like all other children and to develop their social integration among sighted people.

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