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Each year, the Ardent Awards are supported by exceptional organizations and municipalities. Each one has a very specific mission, but all are driven by the same ambition: the desire to give to others. Their various projects, by their originality or suitability, stood out for the public and the jury.

Congratulations to all the winning organizations and municipalities and thank you for making each of the editions of the Ardent Awards a shining success!

  • Integration

    Au fil de l’eau

    Project: Coup de chaud pour l’inclusion et le handicap

    This welcome center that promotes diversity, inclusion and intergenerational collaboration wishes to renew the boiler that heats not only the pool, adapted to accommodate disabled people and accessible by everyone, but also the whole infrastructure of their day care and grouped housing for the elderly.

  • Well-being

    Yggdrasil – communauté à cultiver

    Project: Lutte contre le réchauffement climatique

    The objective is to put in place a group welcome project with the aim of making people more aware of environmental issues, and more specifically of the idea of food sovereignty by encouraging sharing, solidarity, learning, etc. All this will be made possible by constructing a geodesic dome.

  • Disability

    Les Petits Pas de la Grenouille

    Projet: Agrandissons Evoludo

    A unique day welcome center in Liège for children with multiple disabilities, the non-profit organization wants to add a developmental therapy room to the building to accommodate more children. A vast space where young and old alike can move around more independently.

  • Family

    Collectif contre les violences familiales et l’exclusion

    Project: En sécurité au refuge

    The collective is working to secure an extra building made available by the City of Liège. The work on this building started in May 2022. This house, which includes bedrooms and shared spaces, will be used to welcome female victims of domestic violence, as well as their children.

  • Digital

    Chaudfontaine Municipality

    Project : Fais tes balises!

    The Chaudfontaine municipality has developed an application that allows people to see existing walking routes in the area or create routes themselves. With these routes, the user can access exclusive content that adds extra value to their walk.

  • Vignette Joli Livre

    ASBL Joli Livre

    Project: Cycle de la diversité

    Their mission is to bring reading to everyone, and more particularly to a younger audience who cannot easily access reading due to their social situation. Their goal is for people to discover books outside of school and break the sometimes too academic or daunting image books have; to explore the potential power of books to convey messages; and, finally and above all, to develop a love of reading in young children.