A Walloon family-owned company with ambitious objectives

Our story

Ardent Group’s adventure started in 1992 with 4 families of investors from Liège, Boniver, Bosquin, Léonard and Mewissen. Motivated by constant optimism, they had a common objective: create and innovate to provide out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

This is why they opened their first gaming hall in Liège, with a brand that is now unmissable in the game of chance market: Circus. The brand was a roaring success and Ardent Group started to diversify its activities very quickly and turned to real estate, technology and energy. Today, the group is present beyond the Belgian borders, but the same Liège spirit and family values remain.

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Our mission

Ardent Group crossed the Walloon border to conquer the international stage but is no less loyal to the region they came from. Proud of their Liège roots, Ardent Group aims to actively and responsibly take part in the development of Wallonia’s economic fabric.

Through its two entities Ardent Invest and Gaming1, Ardent Group continually invests, innovates and develops to create synergies between its activities, generate jobs, support entrepreneurship and make Wallonia stand out in Belgium and the world.

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Our values

Marked by our unfailing optimism, we share and cultivate 4 key values that guide us daily to give body to our mission.


Our experience as entrepreneurs, our strong family identity and the synergies between our activities make us a strong group and a trusted partner.


We place people at the center of everything we do. We are connected to our colleagues, partners and customers so we can offer them unique experiences.


We are proud of our roots in Liège, the region that gave birth to us. We want to contribute to developing it and make it shine through our companies.


In a constantly changing world, we always have a thirst for knowledge and aren’t afraid to innovate, push our limits and take on new challenges with passion.