Our Cookie Policy

Cookie and tracker policy (analytical data).

A “cookie” is a set of data that the Site records temporarily or permanently on the User’s system by means of their web browser.

The Site uses cookies in order to make browsing more effective, useful and reliable. Some of these cookies are vital for the website to function; others are designed to improve the gaming and betting experience and the browsing of the Website.

A “tracker” is a set of data collected during the browsing on the website and centralized on a partner server.

By accessing and using the Site, users expressly agree to the cookies and trackers policy of the Company.

The Site uses the following data (cookies and trackers):

  • Cookies necessary for using the Site: are technically essential to use the Site by ensuring correct communication with the User and aiding browsing;
  • Functional cookies: allow browsing to be improved and give Users access to their search more easily. They therefore allow specific features on the Site to be activated and improve the user-friendliness and User experience, notably by saving their preferences, for example language;
  • Trackers: the Site uses tracking data via Google Analytics to measure the ways users interact with the Site’s content; they allow Users to be recognized and counted and their browsing behavior on the Site to be seen and generates strictly anonymous or non-anonymous data on visiting statistics. These statistics allow the Site to be continually improved and relevant content to be shown to the User.

An overview of the cookies used on this website is defined in the following table:

NameSet byPurposeLifetime
CONSENTGoogleFacilitates embedded YouTube videos.20 years 1 month
NIDGoogleAnalyze data of the marketing performance.6 months
_GRECAPTCHAGoogleTo provide spam protection.Session
__utmaGoogle AnalyticsTo Store the calculation of days and time to purchasePersistent
__utmcGoogle AnalyticsTo store time of visitSession
__utmzGoogle AnalyticsTo store time of visit30 minutes
_gaGoogle AnalyticsUsed to distinguish users.2 years
_gatGoogle AnalyticsUsed to throttle request rate.1 minute
_gidGoogle AnalyticsUsed to distinguish users.1 day
cookie-agreedArdent GroupThis cookie is set when the visitor agrees to the cookie consent.360 days

The Site uses Google Analytics to have an overview of the Site’s traffic, the origin of this traffic and the pages visited. This means that Google acts as a subcontractor for the Company. The information collected by Google Analytics is generated as anonymously as possible. For example, it is not possible to identify the people who visit the Site. For more information, the User can read Google’s data protection policy, available at the following address: http://www.google.nl/intl/en_uk/policies/privacy/

How can I deactivate cookies and trackers?

Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. Therefore, within the limits defined in Article 3, if Users want to refuse the use of cookies, or personalize their management, they must modify their browser settings.

If the User deactivates certain cookies, it is possible that certain parts of the Site will not be able to be viewed and or/used, or only partially.

It is also possible to set your browser so it sends a notice when a cookie is used and therefore you can accept it or not.

If the User want to block cookies, they must use the link for their browser:

To no longer be tracked by Google Analytics on any website, you can consult the following website: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.