A committed and responsible group

Driven by strong values, Ardent Group places people at the center of their actions and commitments. Through their multiple activities, every day the group invests in developing projects that are important to them, supporting local initiatives and becoming a real actor for change.

A pioneer in responsible gaming

As a founding member of the BAGO association, Ardent Group fully invests in defending the legal sphere of games of chance and protecting players from the dangers of addiction and illegal websites. In a constantly changing digital world, it is more important than ever to protect the sector and its consumers.

Via its subsidiary Gaming1, the group leads this fight daily. The technology hub made it a point of honor to train their employees and make them aware of the issue of responsible gaming, but also create and put in place prevention and protection tools for players. Data science teams especially dedicated to detection tools have also developed AIDICT, a cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence that allows problematic gaming behavior to be identified. The group also actively takes part in behavioral research led by universities to offer an attractive and secure gaming experience to players.

Our philosophy

Salle De Jeux

Supporter of ambitious social projects

Every year since 2016, Ardent Group has organized the Ardent Awards to support and reward projects that respond to societal problems, such as childhood, disability, environmentalism, employment or integration.
After a long selection process, 5 associations are selected by a jury of specialists and receive a €10,000 grant to carry out the project close to their heart. The Ardent Awards also allow ambitious and essential societal projects to be carried out in the Liège region. The closing ceremony is also an opportunity to highlight local associations that work for important causes dear to the group.

Discover the Ardent Awards

Actor in Walloon socio-economic development

Proud of its roots in Liège, it is important to Ardent Group to take part in the socio-economic redeployment of this region that gave birth to them. This is why the group wanted to have their offices in Wallonia, in the heart of the Ardent City.

Through its various activities ranging from real estate to technology, Ardent Group is working on creating synergies to support its own companies and partners, create jobs in the region and develop commercial opportunities. Via Ardent Invest, the group supports entrepreneurship and guides companies so they can take advantage of its know-how and entrepreneurial experience. The group also wants to create a real technological skill center rooted in Belgium via Gaming1.