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Every year, all the non-profit organizations from the Liège region receive an invitation to take part in the Ardent Awards and submit their application. After a public vote and a long selection process, 5 associations are selected by a jury of independent specialists and receive a €10,000 grant.

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The themes

Each year, the projects are always centered around 5 key societal issues:


Help for young people and support for education


Help for people with limited mobility, those who are isolated and employment


Help for parenthood, birth and the fight against poverty


Help through culture, sport, environment, technology and animals


Psychological and physical help

The awards

The 5 winning associations will receive a magnificent prize from the Ardent grant to carry out their project, equivalent to €75,000 distributed as follows: €50,000 for the 5 winning non-profit organizations and €25,000 for the 20 non-winning non-profit organizations selected by the public.

How does it work?

1/ Stay up to date with the Ardent Awards news. Stay tuned for the latest info about the Ardent Awards: application opening dates, societal themes of the year, jury selection, etc. Follow us on the Ardent Awards Facebook page.


2/ Check you fulfill the required criteria and learn about the selection process. These criteria are checked several times during the application selection procedure. The projects submitted by non-profit organizations that do not fulfill these criteria will be withdrawn from the selection immediately.


3/ Pitch your questions at our information session. Organized prior to the opening of the platform, this session gives NPOs the opportunity to meet Cristel Stauffer, consultant for the Ardent Awards and the associations’ main point of contact throughout the call for projects. During this information session, Cristel will present the selection criteria to bear in mind when submitting an application, as well as some “tips & tricks” for optimizing your application.


4/ Submit your application using our registration platform before 15 April 2024 at 23:59. Complete your application and explain the project that is important to you and for which you would like to receive the support from the Ardent Awards.

5/ Analysis and selection phases. Applications on the platform will be studied and evaluated in depth according to several factors: the overall quality of the project and its objectives, its realistic planning over time, and the coherence and accuracy of the budget presented. At the end of this analysis, associations do not meet the selection criteria will be informed of the reasons for ending their venture. Entries deemed eligible for the Prix Ardent will then be put to the public vote.


6/ Invite the public to support your project. A voting platform allows you to invite your contacts to vote to support your project. The 5 non-profit organizations that receive the most votes in each category are preselected. This means that 25 projects are nominated for the Ardent Awards. Each of them is already guaranteed to win the sum of €1,250.


7/ Wait for the jury’s decision. One non-profit organization per category will be chosen as the winner by a jury of professionals. They will pay particular attention to the ideas of charity, solidarity and originality presented in the projects. They will also evaluate whether the project’s objectives are coherent and realistic. Each winning association will be awarded in its category and will recieve €10,000 to carry out its project.

Calendar for the 7th edition

  • Tuesday, February 20, 2024: Information session on the call for projects
  • Monday, March 11, 2024: Opening of the application platform
  • Monday April 15: Closing date for applications
  • Monday May 13, 2024: Public voting opens
  • Sunday May 19, 2024: Closure of public voting
  • End of May 2024: Jury selection day
  • June 2024: Announcement of the winners of the 7th edition of the Ardent Awards

You could also be one of the winners!

Are you a non-profit organization in the Liège region who would like to make an important project a reality? Don’t wait a single second to submit your application. The application platform will be available from 11 March 2024 at 10:00. Registrations will close on 14 April 2024 at 23:59.

Registration for the 7th edition is now closed