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The Ardent Awards, supporters of ambitious local projects

Since 2016, Ardent Group has organized the Ardent Awards to support and reward projects that respond to current societal problems, such as disability, childhood or integration. Every year, 5 associations from the Liège region are selected by a jury and receive a €10,000 grant to carry out a project close to their heart.

The Ardent Awards have evolved over the years and renew for each addition. This is how the Municipality Award was introduced in 2020, that rewards a municipality in the Liège region with a €25,000 prize.

Action and commitment

The Ardent Awards are, above all, an initiative created by Emmanuel Mewissen and Nicolas Leonard. Active for many years in local charities in Wallonia and conscious of having an important role to play as employers, they wanted to take action to provide more support while acting locally. Therefore, they decided to establish a more elaborate project for citizens lead by experts. This is how the Ardent Awards were born in 2016.

A message from the co-founders

We are very proud to contribute in our own way to Liège’s social fabric by supporting projects that are close to our hearts. Every year since 2016, we have provided our support to amazing projects so we can act locally as a priority. Making Liège more human is what motivates and inspires us.

Emmanuel Mewissen, CEO of Ardent Group

Emmanuel Mewissen

As one of the most important employers in the Liège region, we are aware we have a crucial role to play in our region. Through the Ardent Awards, we are proud to contribute to community associations in Liège by rewarding and highlighting innovative projects on themes that are important to the group.

Nicolas Léonard, CFO of Arden Group

Nicolas Leonard

Beyond the socio-economic aspect, initiatives such as the Ardent Awards are a great opportunity for us to give concrete meaning to our values of curiosity, loyalty and proximity, which are at the heart of everything we do. We have the chance to take strong actions and have a positive impact. Our city has a lot of potential and we strongly believe we all have something to gain by developing it.

Sylvain Boniver, member of the Board of Directors of Ardent Group

Sylvain Boniver


Every year, the non-profit organization and municipality projects, by their originality or suitability, stand out for the public and the members of the jury. Go back to the previous editions to discover or rediscover the winners.

Discover the winners

You could also be part of the adventure!

The Ardent Awards are above all a wonderful human adventure, a gathering between women and men from all walks of life, motivated by the same ambition: the desire to give to others. Whether you are a non-profit organization, municipality or company, be part of the adventure for the 6th edition!

Calendar for the 6th edition

  • Monday 2 May: Opening of the application platform
  • Sunday 3 July : Closing of applications
  • Monday 12 September: Opening of public votes
  • Sunday 2 October: Closing of public votes
  • Thursday 17 November: Jury selection day
  • March 2023: Ardent Awards ceremony