Ardent Group moves to the heart of the Guillemins area


Ardent Group’s Belgian headquarters has moved to new offices at the heart of Liege, opposite the Guillemins train station, which is a real masterpiece of the artist Calatrava.

Connection, sharing and performance are the key words for these new installations. They respond to each employee’s needs through adapted spaces: flexible rooms, an audiovisual hub, smart rooms, meeting rooms, telephone booths and even relaxation and sharing spaces. This new tool will allow us to promote collaboration, as well as stimulate creativity and everyone’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit.

A privileged location in a resurging area

Located a few dozen meters from the impressive Liège-Guillemins train station, the new Ardent Group offices are part of the Liège Office Center complex. This mixed building of more than 17,000 m², which brings together offices, a hotel Ibis and apartments, enjoys a privileged location in an area of the Ardent City that is currently being revitalized.

At 118 meters tall, the Paradise tower has dominated the area next to the Meuse and its river shuttles since 2015. The public space is harmoniously shared: pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy large spaces entirely dedicated to them, like the impressive Place Pierre Clerdent, the recently revamped Meuse quays and the Belle Liégeoise bridge that links Guillemins to the Boverie park. The area’s revitalization projects continue with the development of an eco-neighborhood and the arrival of the long-awaited tram that will pass by the new Guillemins esplanade.

The Ardent City, a choice of the heart

Having the group’s new offices in the heart of Liège was a choice of the heart for Gaming1, as its CEO Emmanuel Mewissen explained: “Keeping a strong local anchor is something that matters to us. One of our missions is to participate in the socio-economic redeployment of the region we were born in. This is why we decided to establish our offices in Wallonia, despite many companies leaving to set up in Malta or even Gibraltar. We accepted the challenge of staying in the place we received our education and being a reference, an example among Walloon companies.”

These new buildings also respect the environment and have the BREEAM certification, a reference standard for sustainable construction. Nicolas Léonard, Gaming1’s CFO, expressed his delight: “It is an extremely well thought out project in terms of mobility, accessibility, carbon footprint and respect for the environment, in an area that is in the process of being completely renewed.”

A project geared towards the future

These new offices are an important financial investment, but they should allow the group to develop and continue its growth in the market, as Nicolas Léonard explained:  “The Guillemins project will give us the means to grow. This investment will allow us to establish an environment adapted to reaching a level of performance and collaboration which, therefore, will help place us amongst the best market players. These spaces were designed to respond to our daily needs and absorb a large part of the future resources that we are going to use to develop in an enjoyable way.”