Tour de la Famenne: rebirth of a symbolic site


Liège, 24 June 2021 – Ardent Group is proud to announce the reopening of the Tour de la Famenne after important renovation work carried out in collaboration with Ardent Real Estate. This exceptional site, which is an integral part of Marche-en-Famenne’s heritage, will also be home to the new Circus Casino in Marche-en-Famenne, operated by Gaming1.

Ardent Group is proud to announce the reopening of the Tour de la Famenne. Its official opening ceremony will soon take place in the presence of the Mayor and deputy-mayors. After important rehabilitation work that started in 2019, the Tour de la Famenne is already open to the public, despite the delay due to the public health situation. Dominating the region from the top of its 63-meter tower, this real work of art is decorated with a cuff designed by Marche-en-Famenne architects from Hotua Poncelet Architecture. From its 3 platforms, the Tour offers a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint of Marche-en-Famenne and the region on the doorstep of the Belgian Ardennes.

Ardent Real Estate, Ardent Group’s real estate company, was involved in this project worth 2.5 million euros for the design, financial viability and technical monitoring of construction. If the final result is a success after 2 years’ of work, we can say the same of the whole project as it went without any major problems despite its complexity.

The Tour’s rebirth is complete after being renamed as Tour Circus de la Famenne for the occasion. The bottom of the tower will be home to the brand-new Circus Casino gaming hall operated by the group Gaming1, Ardent Group’s entertainment branch. The Circus establishment officially opened on 18 June 2021 and will be accessible via a separate entrance. Its new decor was especially designed to be more in tune with the emblematic place that is the Tour de la Famenne. It offers an atmosphere closer to that of a casino, although you won’t find any croupiers there.

Emmanuel Mewissen, CEO of Ardent Group, concluded: “We are particularly proud of the reopening of the Tour de la Famenne for two reasons. The first is that this project, a real architectural work of art, wonderfully illustrates our dedication to participating in the socio-economic redeployment of Wallonia. Secondly, this project allowed us to solidify one of our commitments by creating synergies between Ardent Real Estate and Gaming1, two of the group’s companies.”